Lesson Learned

January 15, 2018

A person I know–an acquaintance, not really a friend, someone I hadn’t seen for about 10 years–went kayaking and has disappeared. Upon first hearing the news I thought, “Been there, did that; I hope his wife doesn’t do what I did.”

What I did was shut out my family and friends. I realize now that it was a bad idea, but it’s too late in my opinion to go back to people. They might think I want something. That’s how I felt when my cousin, who I hadn’t seen in six years, suddenly invited me to his wedding. What does he want from me? I didn’t go.

This vision of people wanting things is something I’ve carried with me since I was a child. People I’ve met over the past couple of years don’t understand how I can put worth on people and their actions. It’s something that I’m trying to learn to let go. The example of my unsupportive friend because she won’t buy my books or even read them is what is causing me to distance myself from her. She doesn’t understand why I write, what I write, and doesn’t seem to care. So I’m dumping her. My life is too short to support people who won’t support me. Selfish, yes, probably. But we’ve been friends for 30 years. If she doesn’t understand me by now, she’s never going to.

Okay, so, moving on…

My next appearance will be at the Cumberland Library Author Meet & Greet on February 17 at the Cumberland Public Library. A scene in Grimaulkin takes place in the park that is behind the library. I’ll have the free downloads available on instafreebie in paper form. They are SO cool in real life. And they’re free!



3 books

January 7, 2018

Earth has a drop-dead completion date of February 1 for a March release. I’ve been writing Capricorn (after getting stuck in the Virgo story) and though I have it sketched out in my head, it’s not coming out right on the screen. Each of the stories is going to be shorter than the Water stories, not really novellas at all. A little longer than a short story, but much shorter than a novella. Novelette?

Reading a book on war that takes place in Afghanistan for more research with War Mage.  Getting some good ideas for that. I just have to throw in dragons.

Lastly, Grimaulkin Redeemed is still in my head. I have a feeling it will be like Athena and come out fully formed by the time I sit down and write it.

I need to write faster!

All I want for Christmas

December 25, 2017

Is a million books sold.

Laugh with me. Go ahead.

However, that isn’t really hard. All I need to do is–put my name out there, become a YouTube or podcast star, write tons of critically acclaimed books, and voila! A million books sold.

Becoming famous is either a lightning strike or slogging through mud. The ones who slog through the mud aren’t heralded as loudly or as much as the lightning strikes. But while the lightning strikes last only a short time, the ones who slog last forever. I suppose I would rather be one who slogs. But most of my fame will be posthumous, I guess.

Next blog I will reflect on the year and give you an update of what’s coming up for next year. My Goodreads giveaway was a success–over 600 people entered the sweepstakes and about 10% of them put my book on their to-read list. I sent out the winner with Thursday’s mail. I think in February I’ll do another giveaway, with books 1 and 2 along with “Self-Defense”.

“Virgo” just had its big reveal…at 6K words. I’m at the point of “Now what?” I guess I’ll throw in an explosion, because I have about 25K words to go. I’ve been thinking about Capricorn and might sit down to write that one instead of Virgo, and let Virgo sit for a little while. Not sure. Taurus I need to do some research for. Queer Romance Ink, here I come.

Full Crone

December 17, 2017

You know you’re old when you have to wear glasses to drive now.

I just celebrated my birthday this Friday. I am officially supposed to be a crone (yep, showing my age), but I don’t feel that way. I write YA stories, speculative fiction, not tedious memoirs and cozy mysteries. I listen to hard rock from the 1990’s and 2000’s (Turbo and Lithium on Sirius XM). I play video games. I don’t feel my age. Go figure.

Episode 11 of the Dark Mystic Quill podcast should be up by the time you see this. It’s about altars and what goes on them. There’s also a cameo appearance from Tom, my cat.

I’m still writing Earth. I’m feeling the time crunch. I have some scenes in mind to put in, but they’re not sex-related, they’re story related. I don’t know if what I’m writing is erotica or a story with explicit sex. The sex is not what drives the story, the paranormal elements are. Oh, Water is going to be an audio book, and the narrator is wonderful. That, hopefully, will be available soon.

I got the cover for Grimaulkin Redeemed, and OMG…it’s beautiful. Just what I pictured. Now I have to write it. But I’m not going to write it until I get to War Mage. The publisher said he doesn’t think I’ll end at three books. I might not. But that’s all I have in mind, and I can’t see myself going something like ten or fifteen books like the Dresden Files. Eventually, you get to a point when both you and your readers are bored. Though I’ve had Grimaulkin around for ten years, so I  don’t think I’ll get bored with him anytime soon.

So, in the meantime, I get to yell, “Get off my lawn!” and be official about it.

The Joint

December 10, 2017

I just released a new short story taking place in the Grimaulkin world called “The Joint“. It’s a free download, and it’ll be a free story that I’ll give away at my appearances.

So far, no appearances are coming up. Except for WorldCon 76 in San Jose, CA in August. More about that in March.

Working on Earth, Virgo in particular. I’ve read two M/M novels within the last week, and both of them have sex within the first 10% of the book. I suppose I have to get sex within the first 5% since it’s a novella. I consider the story in erotica to be more important than the erotica. There has to be a little lead up, not just sex, sex, sex, right? Maybe it’s from being a girl writing gay stories.

Grimaulkin Redeemed may be ready for August. Sure. I can do that.

So go pick up “The Joint” and review it on Goodreads. Oh, by the way, I am on Goodreads, too. (They just fixed me so that my author name comes up on a search.)